Sealy Hartford Plush Double Mattress

From the Sealy Posturepedic Proformance range.

SRx Titanium Support: Sealy's unique graduated support provides excellent stability and reduced lateral movement.

UniCased Edge: Encases the support system to enhance stability and reduce motion transfer.

SmarTex: Special fabric feature designed to help keep you cool, dry and comfortable while you sleep.

Our Comfort layers Include:

Wool Fibre Blend: A natural fibre with excellent thermal properties.

Deep Super Soft Foam: A deep layer of soft foam with a plush initial feel that relieves pressure points.

Premium Foam: High density foam that is resilient and relieves pressure points

Super Soft Quilt Foam: Conforming and soft to provide an ultra plush feel.

Cushioning Foam: Cushioning Foam contours to the body.

Durabond: Insulator layer enables a smooth transition from comfort layer to supportive system.

NZ Made by Sealy 

10 Year warranty